Your baby deserves the best in comfort, safety and fun! Design a Baby Play Corner in the nursery that’s dedicated to mommy and baby playtime. Choose a comfy rug to keep you and your baby cozy as you play. Add baby-safe toys that are age appropriate, preferably in bright colors to stimulate your baby’s brain. Include a fun bouncer and you’ll be creating the ideal play space for your growing baby.

Make this space even more fun by adding colorful artwork on the wall or painting the surrounding wall with a baby-fun design like polka dots or stripes. If you design a “play only” space in your baby’s room you’ll be encouraging more parent/baby bonding time and your baby is sure to feel special with a fun place created just for her.

Below is an example of a “baby fun zone” that you can create in the nursery.
This image includes: The Summer Infant Deluxe Soft Embrace Serengeti Girl Bouncer, the Candy Apple Hopscotch 3′ x 5′ Rug by Nurseryworks, the Bird House Shape Sorter by Melissa & Doug and the GuideCraft Colored Geo Forms.

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