Many parents are searching for the terms, natural, organic and eco-friendly when reading baby product and baby furniture descriptions these days. These words mean so many different things depending on the product. Natural and organic refers to items made of materials or coated with finishes that are non-toxic and chemical free. The term eco-friendly can be used when referring to products that are non-toxic and chemical free, as well as, referring to items that are made of wood that was harvested in an earth-friendly way.

Eco-friendly nurseries are definitely “In”. If you’re looking for some eco-friendly items for your baby’s room then you should definitely checkout products made by Argington. Their nursery furniture is made of wood that’s harvested from sustainable managed forests; definitely an earth-friendly approach to manufacturing. Also, all materials used in the making of their furnishings, such as, glues, stains and finishes are 100% non-toxic and are low VOC.

You can set-up an entirely “green” nursery easily, by choosing a nursery set by Argington or mixing and matching pieces to make your own design statement. Here are a few gorgeous pieces made by this earth-friendly company.Argington 2 Piece Nursery Set - Sahara Crib & Delphi Changing Table in Birch
Argington 2 Piece Nursery SetSahara Crib and Delphi Changing Table in Birch

Argington Fuji Toybox in Birch
Argington Fuji Toybox in Birch

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