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Hi! I’m a full-time mommy, writer and occasional marketing consultant. I have a wonderful, kick-butt husband and 2 beautiful daughters, Naomi (pictured) and Faith. With 2 girls so close in age (infant and toddler), our parenting adventures are like a circus on steroids! As a city girl, born and raised, I am constantly on the hunt for the latest fashions, glamour advice, money-saving tips, fitness regiments and helping my fellow sisters out with a few sassy words of wisdom every now and then.



Hey yall! I was born and bred a southern girl and maven of all things social, with a passion to provide effective communication that will maximize social impact. I am a proud mom to three, two of them toddler twins (and an occasional short-lived goldfish). Some of my favorite things are sweet tea, flip flops and road trips to pretty much any body of water where the sun shines! I love to blog about things that make you smile, DIY ideas, children activities/parties and anything else that will help along the way.



Hello! I’m a mom entrepreneur with two pre-teen boys and a helpful husband who knows how to make me laugh, and frankly they all make me a little bit crazy.  I have been balancing work, family-life and my sanity for quite some time and I’m proud to say that it’s nothing short of a miracle that we’ve made it this far.  I like to exercise at my 5:30AM bootcamp, play tennis, eat mostly paleo (darn ice cream), am a bit of a workaholic, and a crazy cat lady.  My work for the past 10 years with baby furniture and pregnant parents has given me a unique perspective and more information than my brain can keep up with, so here’s to blogging about pregnancy and family, but with a sassy, edgy, city mom twist that has raised some eyebrows from time to time.