Have you been feeling a little odd these days? Mood swings? Cravings? Does the smell of eggs suddenly make you want to vomit? These are normal symptoms of pregnancy. Your body is going through a lot of changes that are bound to cause some discomfort. Heck, you’re making a baby, what did you expect? Here are some normal symptoms that most pregnant women experience to varying degrees.

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  1. Yipee, No More Monthly Cycle – Being pregnant means that “Aunt Flow” otherwise known as your period, will not come to visit for 9 months.
  2. Be Ready for your Breasts to Change – They’re going to get tender and swollen and your nipples may be more sensitive. You might even experience some itchiness. Your body is just preparing your breast to produce milk for the baby.
  3. Sleepiness Can Occur – Fatigue can set in. Take more naps if needed.
  4. More Frequent Trips to the Bathroom – Your swelling uterus will most likely put some extra pressure on your bladder as your baby grows. Be prepared to urinate often.
  5. The Dreaded Morning Sickness – Why this is called morning sickness is beyond me because you can feel queasy, nauseous or vomit any time of the day during your pregnancy. Luckily morning sickness usually lessens by the 4th month.
  6. Dizziness or FaintingYour uterus will swell during these 9 months of bliss and may compress arteries in your legs that cause your blood pressure to drop. The drop in blood pressure can make you feel light headed.
  7. Cravings for Certain FoodsYou might suddenly get the craving to dip your broccoli in vanilla ice cream. Go ahead and try it! Remember your partner is always standing by to make those late night runs to the store to get you those pickles that you’re yearning for.
  8. Heartburn or ConstipationIf you find that spicy foods don’t quite sit right in your tummy anymore or you’re not quite as regular as you used to be, this is all rather normal.
  9. Mood Swings and IrritabilityIf you find that you’re angrier in traffic or snap at the bank teller, it’s just those baby hormones kicking in.
  10. Lower Back Pain, Bloating and Weight GainAll normal yet undesirable symptoms that happen during this miraculous time.
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