Whether or not to use a crib bumper in a baby crib has been an ongoing debate for years and so many moms find themselves torn about this issue. Most baby bedding sets include a crib bumper, so what should you do with it? To help you with this decision, here are a few things experts have to say and our take on the matter.

There are some people who are warning moms not to use crib bumpers due to potential suffocation risks, but according to the Juvenile Products Association (JPMA) bumpers are OK as long as you take certain precautions that were recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Avoid “pillow-like” Bumper Pads and Make Sure to Tie Them Tight

When choosing a crib bumper, AVOID the “pillow-like” or extra fluffy type and stick with the more traditional crib bumper style with less filling. Also, make sure that you get one that ties or snaps securely into place and goes around the entire inside of the crib. The CPSC determined that non-pillow like crib bumpers don’t pose a threat to babies. The CPSC also mentions that crib bumper pads can be effective at keeping baby’s safe from limb entrapment, which is definitely a plus!

Other Helpful Tips

* Make sure all pillows, comforters, quilts, stuffed animals and any other pillow-like item is out of the crib when your baby is little.
* If you choose to use a crib bumper in the crib, take it out when your baby gets big enough to stand, so he/she can’t use it as a step to escape that baby bed.

Other Things the JPMA is Doing in Regards to Crib Bumper Pads

Currently the JPMA is commissioning a study consisting of a compilation of many other studies of bumper pads and when the data is compiled they are considering submission for peer review and for publication in a medical journal. One of the many outside studies that the JPMA has included in their big study was done in the United Kingdom and that study showed that out of 256 SIDS cases there was no statistical evidence showing that crib bumper pads were involved in any of those infant deaths.

Ultimately, it’s your baby and it’s your decision, but it seems as if a thin, breathable bumper pad (not pillow-like one) can keep your little baby safe from getting arms and legs trapped between the bars or through any crib decorative cut-outs keeping him/her safe from harm. So, if a bumper pad came with your bedding set, make sure it’s not too fluffy and secure it well to the crib rails and it should do its job to make your baby feel secure in the crib while keeping him/her safe from harm.

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