Hey all you moms-to-be listen up! Yes, it’s true that babies sleep a lot. Unfortunately these naps and snoozes happen in 3 or 4 hour spurts for the first few months, so your peaceful 8 hours of sleep at night is soon to become a distant memory.
Woodland Crib Bedding by Dwell Studio
When my first daughter was born she actually slept through the night for 7 straight hours when she was just a little over one month old. My friends were in shock and wanted to know my secret. As a new, proud mommy I just figured I had an amazing baby, but when I thought about it I realized that the one thing I spent big bucks on for the nursery was the crib bedding set. I bought a baby bedding set that was beautiful to look at with soothing colors and interesting images, plus it was super soft against my baby’s skin, so of course she didn’t mind being in her crib. Even though she was an amazing baby, it was really the amazing baby bedding that helped her sleep so well.

If you’re expecting your first or second or third child, I’d recommend getting crib bedding from the Woodland Crib Bedding Collection by Dwell Studio. This baby bedding has it all: adorable woodland creatures like deer, bear, fox and turtles mixed with leaves and vines in a soothing mocha and white color combo. Dwell Studio also uses the best fabrics for their baby bedding, so this crib bedding set will feel great against your baby’s skin. If you add this baby bedding to the crib your little guy or girl is sure to want to stay in bed and enjoy the comfort of being surrounded by adorable animal pals while being cradled in total softness.

The Woodland Crib Bedding Collection also offers nursery accessories like: pillow, changing pad cover, stroller blanket and swaddle blanket to carry the nature and animal theme around the room to create a truly beautiful, serene baby space that both you and baby will love!

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