new born babyWhen you get that first contraction all you’re going to be thinking is “Ouch!!” and “Woo hoo my baby is coming!!!” and you’ll totally forget that there are specific things you need to take to the hospital. That’s why it’s important to prepare a list before hand. It’s good to pack your hospital bag in advance as well. Below I’ve put together that list to make it even easier for you. Just click copy, paste and print and your list is done. I hope this list helps lessen the stress, so you can really enjoy that special day when you finally meet your baby!

Important Documents

-Personal ID like driver’s license or passport
-Insurance Card
-Hospital paper work

Your Personal Items

-Birth Plan: Take your Birth Plan if you’ve created one. This plan is a written report that lets doctors know if you want drugs at certain times, how you wish to have the baby delivered, any soothing tools like music or massagers etc… you want during the birth.
-Glasses: if you wear contacts, but also have glasses take your glasses to the hospital encase you just don’t feel like popping in those contacts during your stay.
-Toiletries: Things like your tooth brush, hair brush, make-up, cream, deodorant and other basic items you use daily should be packed for that special day.
-Comfy Clothes: You’ll spend most of your time in a nightgown, robe, slippers and socks, so bring ones that you can be seen in while walking around the hospital halls. Bring a few extra outfits, like loose pants, baggy shirts, socks, comfy shoes, so you can get dressed on the final day and feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.
-List of Family and Friend’s phone numbers: Make a list of the names and numbers of everyone you want to call on that special day and pack it in your hospital bag way before that day arrives.

Entertainment Items

-Ipod or Musical Device: If you love music and want to hear your favorite tunes while giving birth make sure to bring your favorite CD or ask the doc if you can listen to tunes on your ipod during the special moment. Music can also keep you relaxed during the contractions and after your baby has arrived.
-Books and Magazines: Take some good reading materials to keep yourself entertained during the quiet hospital moments.
-Snacks: After your baby is born you may be a little hungry, so having a yummy snack in your hospital room is a good idea.
-Camera or Video Camera: You’ll definitely want some pictures of your precious baby, so make sure to pack your camera before the big day arrives.

For even less stress, make sure to get your baby’s nursery set-up by choosing a nursery furniture set way in advance and buy all your baby accessories before bringing your baby home. Consider getting a diaper bag to use as your hospital bag, so you can pack the hospital freebies you get like bottles of formula, diapers etc… to take home. To see all the items that you need in your baby’s nursery and in your home to prepare for that day visit us at today!

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