Knowing what you want in a crib has two meanings, I think.  You want it to look good and safe for your baby, but you should also know what it’s made of before you slapped down several large bills to purchase one.  If someone asked you, what material is your baby crib made of, it’s not good enough to just say…WOOD!  No, no, no!  There are many compositions and makeups that baby cribs are made of these days and the cost is the first tell-tale sign on how it’s likely to be constructed.  So lets break it down.

There are 3 general price ranges to place a baby crib in: (1) Economy cribs – under $200, (2) Mid-priced cribs – $200-$500, and (3) High-end cribs – $600 and up.  But just to be clear, an economy crib doesn’t mean your baby will sleep in it for a month and it will break down on you.  Because of the New Crib Safety Standards set forth by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, every baby crib made in North America has to abide by strict manufacturing and testing guidelines so you don’t purchase something that is unsafe for your baby.  The massive 2011 recall on drop-side cribs is the big reason why you should not receive a faulty and unsafe crib, despite the price range.  (Thank you CPSC!)  But the biggest difference in price ranges, aside from brand names, are the materials used and how it’s made.

The last part in the Baby Cribs Video series helps break down what you can expect based on the style and price ranges of baby cribs today.  Watch and see if it helps you from overpaying when you can have knowledge of what type of crib you want, what it’s made of, and what you should be spending.

I know it’s not rocket science, but knowing the basics to buying the new crib can help you find exactly what you need and save you money too!

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