Up until four years ago, the only knowledge I had about the many different types of baby cribs was what I saw on t.v.  I knew about the standard size that seemed like it came by default in every nursery, and I recall seeing a rocking bassinet or cradle from time to time with a complimentary tired mother next to it trying to rock her baby to sleep.  So initially I thought selecting a baby crib was like picking out curtains, you  pretty much know the size you want, you just need to pick out the color.

It wasn’t until I started researching baby cribs online that I realized the many sizes and types that all have different characteristics to suit your needs.  There are lots and lots of solutions that are great if you are looking to save space or something that will last longer than 18-24 months.  You can find baby beds that are portable and great for travel, cribs that have convertibility options that will grow with your child, and even cosleepers that latch on to the side of your bed, which are great for babies who require close monitoring and for recovering mothers.

I found out that, contrary to other things in life, size and type really do matter when it comes to baby cribs.   With that being said, Part II of the Baby Cribs Video Series does a great job providing a useful snapshot of the different types of baby beds available and what benefits will compliment your lifestyle and expectations:

So break out the measuring tape and take a moment to assess what type of baby crib will work best for your nursery and needs.  You may find out later that your baby prefers a snug sleep environment or likes to be rocked to sleep, but at least you know what options are available so you can adjust to your new baby.

If you’re ready for Part III in the Baby Cribs Video Series, click here:

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