Picture for the Baby Gender Prediction Party You’re having a baby, so it’s time to celebrate any way you can. How about throwing a baby gender prediction party! Your friends will love it and you’ll get to find out if you’re having a boy or girl…in theory.

Before your party you’ll want to check out the Baby Gender Predictor Tool that uses facts from science along with questions and answers from you to predict your baby’s gender. You simply answer a few questions and instantly get your answer. Once you discover what “science” is predicting, then you can test those results against some fun baby gender games to see what they all reveal. By the end of the party you’ll have your answer to “Is it a boy or girl?”

Baby Gender Predictor Party Decorating and Food Ideas plus Supplies

* For decorations you could put up pink and blue streamers around your house and print out the top 10 boy’s names and top 10 girl’s names on your list and have your friends vote on their favorites.
* For food you could make cup cakes and do double colored icing on top, half in pink and half in blue.
* You could also make blueberry and strawberry fruit punch and put it side by side.
* For the games you’ll need paper, pencils, string and a dry erase board, chalk board or poster board to keep track of Boy or Girl predictions.

Baby Gender Predictor Party Prediction Games

Before you start the games create your Boy or Girl Prediction Tracker board. Use either a dry erase board, chalk board or poster board and at the top write Boy on one side and Girl on the other and draw a line down the middle. Each time you play a game and a gender is chosen make a tally mark on the appropriate side of the board. After all games have been played count up which side has the most marks and you’ll have your final baby gender prediction.

1. Belly High or Low Test

How to play: Give your friends each a paper and a pencil. Stand up in front of the group and tell them all to write down if they think your belly looks high or low and have them put their votes in a box. Then pull them out and separate the votes into two piles. Count which pile has the most: high or low. If most said high then there could be a baby girl on the way. If the majority of votes are low then chances are you’re having a boy.

2. Pendant Swing Test

How to play: Take your wedding ring and tie it to the bottom of a string. Hold the string above your belly and let the ring dangle on the bottom. Watch how the ring moves. If it sways back and forth in a line then it’s a boy. If it rotates in a circle motion then it’s a girl.

3. Tummy Shape Test

How to play: Have each party goer pick up their pencil and paper again. Stand up in front of the group. Have players write down if your belly looks like a basketball or watermelon. Put all votes in a box. If most say basketball then it’s a boy. If most choose watermelon it’s a girl.

4. The Moody Test

How to play: This is where friends can have a little fun. Players should write down if you have been moodier than usual or have stayed the same throughout your pregnancy so far. Tell them to feel free to include any funny stories with the “moodier” votes. That’s sure to liven up the party. Put all votes in a box then count to see if you’re more moody or just the same. If your friends said moodier then it’s a girl. If you’re still the same old you then it’s a boy.

When you’re done with all the games count up the tally marks to see if you’re having a little Johnny or a little Janie.

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