baby-safety-gateYou may think the baby crib or bassinet is good enough to keep your baby safe, but before you know it, your new baby will be rolling, crawling and getting into all sorts of trouble.  If you are a seasoned parent, you know you’ve got your work cut out for you for the first several years (more like 18 years).  Baby safety is the top priority for parents and the best time to start is before baby arrives.  But it ‘s not enough to only baby proof the nursery, your entire home should be checked for safety hazards.  Take it from me, it’s not a good idea to baby proof as you go, unless you’re fine with constant emergency visits.


Here is a list of important baby proofing items and tasks you will need to have to keep your wee one out of harm’s way on every journey:

  • Outlet Covers — I have no idea why, but for some reason, kids love to stick objects in outlet covers.  They’re drawn to it like a moth to a flame!  It’s important to cover every outlet to keep baby safe from shocks or worse.
  • Security Gates — Security gates are a parent’s best friend!  It will give your baby boundaries, safe and out of non-baby zones, and some peace of mind.  Place baby gates in doorways, at the top of the stairs and outside as well.
  • Baby Monitor — Another parent favorite!  A baby monitor will give you a little freedom and give you the ability to respond quickly if baby is in any trouble.  There are audio and video monitors available.  Place it in the nursery while your baby is napping so you can take care of other household duties while keeping a close eye (or ear) on your baby from afar.
  • Never leave pets alone with your baby — Even if your pet plays exceptionally well with your kids, always keep close watch unless your pet is confined or in a cage.
  • Lock Cabinets and Drawers — Get baby proof locks for all low cabinets and drawers so you can keep non-baby items out of reach.
  • Get Down to Your Baby’s Level — Pickup up everything in crawling range to keep baby from injury or ingesting something harmful.
  • Corner Bumpers — Keep baby safe from sharp corners on end tables or other furniture by getting corner bumpers for every pointed edge.
  • Cord Retractors — Keep all dangling cords from shades and plugged in cords from lamps and accessories hidden with cord retractors.  This will keep baby from pulling on cords and possibly being injured by a falling object, strangulation or tripping.
  • Do Plant Research — Did you know that 75% of houseplants are poisonous?  Babies will put everything in their mouth so be sure to do your research and ensure the live plants in your home are safe if ingested.
  • Toilet Locks — Babies often like to stick their hand in the toilet water (yuck) or throw things in the toilet.  They love seeing things flush down the toilet (it’s like a water ride).  Babies can also drown in small amounts of water and don’t realize that toilet water is not for drinking.  Get a a toilet lock and keep your dog from drinking from the toilet too!

Hopefully these baby safety tips will help prevent any baby disasters in the future.  For more information on safety tips, check out the following link for great Baby Safety Resources:

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