Wow, you won’t believe the wild names some celebrities have given their children. Imagine walking around introducing yourself as “Moxie Crimefighter”. I’d say that mom and dad had some serious moxie to name their kid that! The one good thing about these wacky names is that they make a great baby shower game.

To make your baby shower unique, print off the below game sheet (right click on image, copy and paste into MSWord then print) and give it out to each party-goer. Have them match the odd baby names with the “odd” celebrity who came up with that name and the person with the most correct answers is the winner. If you forget who some of these celebrities are you can watch the video below for a refresh. To add even more fun you can take a vote to see which name your party attendees like best and which one they think is the most hideous! We hope this odd game adds tons of fun to your party!

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baby shower matching game

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