Hey all! I’m Elizabeth from little black door and I’m thrilled to be here as a Style Contributor for SimplyBabyFurniture.com. I get a great thrill out of mixing things up and in my opinion a room is not complete without a little bit of old and new thrown in. I am a definitely a mix and match girl all the way.

And that mix and match style has played a big part in my daughters’ nurseries. Since we’ve lived in our little house the girls’ room has gone thru three renditions.

A nursery for one.

A shared nursery/big girl room.

And now a shared big girl room.

Through all of these changes I’ve learned a thing or two about how to achieve a nursery/child’s room with a great mix and match look. So here are a few of my tips to achieve a great nursery that makes adults and kids happy.

1. Think about pink and blue’s grown up friends. Pink and blue don’t have to be predictable, just combine them with more modern colors when picking your pallet. Try out pink and navy or blue and orange.

2. Forget about matching; coordinate. You want to do a green nursery? Great. But instead of using the matching green sheets, bumper and rug, try using several different shades of green in the room or mix in several different fabric patterns with green in them. Mix it up and your nursery will feel as playful as your child.

3. Keep your audience in mind. The room is for kids after all, so have some fun. Include artwork of their favorite animal, a sparkly light for them to look at in bed, or a soft throw on their chair. A good dose of shinny, bright, colorful or soft goes a long way to making a child feel like the space is theirs.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on achieving a mix and match nursery. Stop by and say hi some time!

And make sure to come back next week for more tips from my fellow Style Contributors:

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5 thoughts on “Blog Party Week 7: How Does Your Nursery Roll…Matchy Match or Mixy Matchy?

  1. Elizabeth, you nailed all 3 rooms! Love, love, love. Thx for sharing!

  2. I love what Elizabeth did here. And I applaud that it is still a “little girls'” room … not a grown up room which children are able to inhabit! There are only little once … let them have color ( and a mom like Elizabeth to make it shine!) xo

  3. Elizabeth’s big girl room is the best on the internet this spring! LOVE LOVE it.
    xo Nancy

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