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Hi everyone! We’re so excited to be this week’s Style Contributors for Simply Baby Furniture. We are Cindi and Emily. sister-in-laws, at ScrappyLoveBlog. We started blogging together after we did our first craft fair and people showed interest in the things we were making. Neither of us felt in the position to dive into blogging solo, but together, it sounded like fun and manageable. We are both stay at home moms- myself (Cindi) to 22 month old twins, and my sister-in-law (Emily) to 4 children under the age of 8. We have an Etsy store as a branch of our blog which has been a fun little adventure.


Mixy AND Matchy…That’s How Cindi’s Nursery Rolls

Now for the nursery…I would have to say that mine falls somewhere between MIXY and MATCHY. I had the dilemma of styling a room for twins- a boy AND a girl. It’s so much easier to find cute girl stuff but I didn’t want the room to be too “girly” for my son’s sake. In the end, I LOVE how it turned out. I did my best to spend as little money possible with as much DIY possible.


How the Boy/Girl Twin Nursery All Came Together:

  • Cribs– one is a StorkCraft that we bought on Craigslist and the other is a Jenny Lind style that a friend gave me. Both were brown and we painted them white (a long tedious process, but worth it)/
  • Dresser– my grandma passed it on to my dad who then passed it on to me for the twins. Special!
  • Rug – an IKEA find. I feel this piece pulled the whole room together
  • Curtains – Goodwill but originally from Target
  • Chair – our most expensive purchase for the room from Target but worth it and we used gift cards!
  • Bunting – my friend (and fellow style contributor) Katherine over at Rhymeswithsmile made for me in exchange for a photo session
  • Lamp – already had and turned into a DIY project w/ spray paint on the base and fabric over the shade
  • Alphabet Wall hanging – another DIY project I was inspired to make after seeing one similar from The Land of Nod
  • Book Shelves – I painted spice racks from IKEA. I saw this on Pinterest. I think each rack is about $5.
  • Cross stitch – my Grandma made this 35 years ago for my brother who was her first grandchild. Somehow I got it. :)
  • Twins Pictures and Name Tags another DIY project! I set up a little photo shoot in the back yard to get similar pictures of each baby and then printed my favorites at a local print shop in 8×10’s. I had an old frame with no glass so I painted it white and strung twine across it using hot glue. I hung the pictures on the twine using small clothes pins and then added strips of fabric to give it some color/interest. This is a project anyone can do!!! For the name tags, I used wood that was in the garage when we moved into our new house. I had my husband cut them to the size I wanted, sanded them down a bit, and then painted the twins names on them. Easy peasy!

That’s it!!! It was so much fun putting together different ideas I saw around on the internet and adding my own touches to them. I hope your nursery planning is going well. Have FUN planning that special place for your special gift  on the way and make it your own!

Thanks for joining the party today! Check us out at ScrappyLoveBlog when you get a chance.

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  1. This is the perfect gender neutral nursery and looks like it could easily transition to a big kid room!

  2. I totally dig the IKEA rug. It’s got yummy, mixy patterns and ties the two baby cribs together.

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