Hey there, I’m Katherine from rhymes with smile. I’m so excited to be today’s featured nursery style contributor at Simply Baby Furniture! I have a little confession though: my style is simple. And DIY. And sentimental. My home is filled with lots of special pieces that have stories behind them – stories that connect us to our community of family and friends, both close by and far flung. We treasure the things around us that remind us of the threads that hold us to our past, present, and future. When we were putting together the nursery for our second child, these are the things we kept at the forefront of our minds.

So it turns out that building a nursery on nostalgia means that I ended up with a mix-n-match room! For both of my children, we used a crib that had been my husband’s when he was a baby (talk about sentimental, folks!).  I just love the classic spindles that are very reminiscent of a Jenny Lind baby crib.  I found a tutorial online for making my own crib sheets – one little way to customize what we already had (the crib) with something special (fabric chosen especially with our new baby in mind). I used a tutorial like this one, though there are lots out there.

One of my favorite quilts is a red and white pinwheel quilt that I made from fabric scraps I had collected over the years. I learned to quilt when my husband started grad school, and I had to find a hobby to keep myself busy! It’s too small to go on a bed, but just the right size for draping over the crib side to tuck around a sleeping baby.

I didn’t have a ton of time or energy to put into artwork on the walls (we moved when I was 6 months pregnant with #2), but after looking for inspiration online I found two DIY crafts that reflected both our desire for simplicity and our love of all things with a story.

I found some special fabrics that I put into embroidery hoops of different sizes. Then I just randomly put some nails in the wall and hung them up! Easy as pie. It is art that can grow with my children – I can interchange the current fabrics with others from special outfits or blankets once they’ve outgrown the nursery.

The other wall art was my toddler’s contribution to the baby’s nursery. We spent one morning painting on scraps of white paper. Then, we picked out some animals she liked (pig, duck, rabbit, cow, and turtle) and found simple line drawings online. I traced the silhouettes, cut them out, pasted them onto cardstock, and stuck them in frames that we already had. Of course, I had to be a little sappy and write a note on the edge of each one about how excited Big Sister was to help prepare for the little one’s arrival! Just a little anticipatory nostalgia, folks.

This project was inspired by ideas found here.

Sometimes, I come across something that I want to make my own – give it a new story, so to speak. Take this metal cart, for example. I found it tucked away in a thrift store last summer, and it was the perfect size for a narrow space between the crib and the door. It’s been serving its functional purpose for the past few months, but I’ve recently gotten a repainting itch that’s settled on the cart. Now that spring has come to New England (finally!) I’ll be hanging out in the driveway with this cart and a $4 can of spray paint, to make it my own. What color do you think I should go with?The nursery in my home is, in its own tiny way, a reflection of the community and support that my family and I value and that we strive to maintain. It’s part of a story that firmly roots us in the past, gives us meaing in the present, and carries us toward our future. Thanks for letting me share it with you and thanks to my fellow style contributors partying with us today. Be sure to check them out and follow/like them while you’re there!

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  1. Katherine – your nursery is a very heart-felt place that truly represents Love and Comfort. And I love the animal wall art! You should create your own YouTube tutorial for it! Thanks for sharing :)

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