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Mixy-Matchy. That’s How Elisa’s Nursery Rolls:

I am so excited to be here today as a style contributor for SimplyBabyFurniture.com.  Rounding out the Matchy-Matchy vs. Mixy-Matchy series is like music to my ears! I love a good design challenge so I tend to go Mixy-Matchy and create my own scheme as opposed to buying a preconfigured “design-in-a-box.” Going the Mixy-Matchy route ensures me that I will capture the spirit of the home, the needs of the client and create a truly personalized space.

I was a child of the 80’s and Laura Ashley was HUGE for bedroom design! (you remember, flowers everywhere!) Every girl’s bedroom literally had matching floral bedspreads, window treatments and wallpaper. It was a lot to take on in a space. Heck, we were so into matching that even mothers and daughters dressed alike at the parties I went to. It was definitely the thing to do!

Now a-days, we’ve kinda put overly matched themes to the wayside and let more free and organic design come into our bedrooms.

When I was designing my daughter’s nursery I was looking for a space that she could call her own and remember fondly when she is grown up. I didn’t want it to be anything too formal or stuffy, it needed to be a place where she could play and want to play.
Mixy-Matchy is definitely a great description of her space. Everything came from a different source- some was inherited, some planned months in advance of her arrival and some added as the need developed.

Hence, my 5 Steps to Creating Your own Cohesive Mixy-Matchy Nursery:

1. Gather images of rooms you like: This helps you to identify styles, colors and patterns you gravitate towards. By looking back through what you’ve gathered you’ll start to see trends like, they all have white cribs or blue walls.

2. Start with an inspirational item to take you in a style and color direction: For me it was the wallpaper. Based on the color-way I selected it only made sense to go with a pastel palette and a whimsical style.

3. Plan and make a list of what you need for the room: When I planned the layout of the room I based it on the furniture and textiles need for the space to be a fully complete room, i.e. crib, rug, changing table, window treatments, rocking chair, bookcase…When you know what you need you can choose pieces that are the right size, color and style to keep the room coordinated. I made sure to select pastels or whites to keep everything in sync.

4. Edit: Rooms are always evolving and changing as we use them. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, everyone does it. But, if you plan ahead you are less likely to make costly errors like buying a dresser too big for the wall.

5. Enjoy: Some of the most unexpected additions to the nursery are my favorite. I repurposed some of her 1st birthday decorations as wall decor and I love how it turned out. Have fun with your design!


So next time you are at the big-box baby depot, put down the “room-in-a-box” and start creating your own! You’ll love how it turns out!

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9 thoughts on “BLOG PARTY Week 8: How Does Your Nursery Roll…Mixy Matchy or Matchy Match?

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  2. Visiting from Elisa’s blog! I love her nursery and attention to detail from the beautiful ikat pillows to the knobs on the antique desk, to the flokati rug on top of the striped rug to the delicate origami crane mobile! I love it all! Also I just noticed the boomerangs above the photos so there are some “worldy” travel elements! So fun!

  3. Wow, Elisa! You did such an amazing job integrating the different patterns and textures. Thanks for the awesome nursery design tips. Love the way you break it down!

  4. Thank you so much for having me as a style contributor! It’s been great fun getting to know you! Happy weekend!

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