When I saw Bonavita baby furniture for the first time I thought…wow, furniture for celebrities. When I found out that we were going to sell it and offer it to…regular people, I was thrilled! This stylish nursery furniture is actually reasonably priced for the high-class designs and master craftsmanship that’s put into each crib and dresser.

I wish I had Bonavita Furniture in my baby’s nursery, cause if I had I would have definitely exhausted my Bragging Rights! Well, it’s not too late for you expecting moms to add a Bonavita Furniture Set to your baby’s nursery, so you can tell all your friends about your amazing nursery design skills.

I’m telling you, this baby furniture is simply divine! Don’t just take my word for it…see for yourself. I’ve included pictures and info about each Bonavita Nursery Furniture Collection below, so I’m not the only one enjoying this baby furniture eye-candy! If you’re not screaming, “I want it! I want it!” by the end of this blog I’ll be totally shocked.

Bonavita Francias Collection

Bonavita Francais nursery furnitureThere’s no way you won’t think the Francais collection by Bonavita is totally hot! Just check out the Bonavita Francais 3 Piece Nursery Set that includes the Francais Lifestyle Crib, Double Dresser and 5 Drawer Dresser. Each of the items in this collection is made with scalloped kick plates, elegant molding and bold appeal that will make a very sophisticated statement in any baby’s nursery. Put this in your baby’s room and all your mommy friends will be green with envy!

Bonavita Historic Collection

Bonavita Historic Nursery Furniture CollectionI’d say you’re witnessing history in the making as far as beautiful baby furniture when you see the Bonavita Historic Collection. As an example, here’s the Bonavita Historic 3 Piece Nursery Set that includes the Historic Convertible Crib, 6 Drawer Dresser and 9 Drawer Dresser. The Bonavita Crib has such a unique design, with a tiered back rail and curving posts that create a very stunning baby space. When paired with the matching dressers all visitors will be speechless because of your nursery’s beauty and you’ll get to brag and brag, hee hee.

Bonavita Hudson Collection

Bonavita Hudson Classic Nursery Furniture CollectionThis baby furniture collection makes me think of royalty with its regal appeal and rich finish choices. Just look at the Bonavita Hudson Classic 3 Piece Nursery Set that includes the Hudson Classic Crib, 3 Drawer Dresser and Double Dresser. Don’t you think this is a furniture set for a prince or princess? So why not get it for your little king or queen.

Bonavita Hudson Lifestyle Nursery Furniture CollectionThis collection also offers the Bonavita Hudson Lifestyle 3 Piece Set that features the Hudson Lifestyle Crib, Combo Dresser and 5 Drawer Dresser that frankly instills an urge for me to applaud and squeal like a cheerleader whose team just won the championship game! It’s so impressive looking that I want to pin each piece with a blue ribbon! Don’t you love it!

Bonavita Liberty Collection

Bonavita Liberty Nursery Furniture CollectionThe Liberty Nursery Furniture collection is nearest and dearest to my heart because it’s just sooooo stinken gorgeous! I am totally in love with the unique designs, with detailed carvings in each piece and shaded outlines that add a very eye-catching appearance. Just check out the Bonavita Liberty 3 Piece Nursery Set that includes the Liberty Crib, Double Dresser and 5 Drawer Dresser. Now close your eyes and picture this nursery furniture set in your baby’s nursery. Wasn’t that the best day dream you’ve ever had!

Bonavita Metro Collection

Bonavita Metro Classic Nursery Furniture CollectionWhen I look at this Metro Baby Furniture Collection I feel like I just died and went to heaven. The crib’s tall sides create such a powerful looking centerpiece that goes amazing with the matching storage units. Look at the Bonavita Metro Classic 3 Piece Nursery Set with the Metro Classic Crib, Double Dresser and Armoire. Wouldn’t you boast to friends if you had this set in your baby’s nursery?

Bonavita Peyton Collection

Bonavita Peyton Classic Nursery Furniture CollectionDoes it sound crazy for me to say that I actually want to hug the person who made this baby furniture cause it’s just so amazing. My sincere gratitude goes out to Bonavita for making such an exquisite baby furniture line that us regular moms can afford! Check out the Bonavita Peyton Classic 3 Piece Nursery Set that features the Peyton Classic Crib, 5 Drawer Dresser and Double Dresser. What more could you possibly want in a baby furniture set when it comes to style and functionality! Woo Hoo!

Bonavita Peyton Lifestyle Nursery Furniture CollectionThere’s also the Peyton Lifestyle collection that you can see in this picture of the Bonavita Peyton Lifestyle 3 Piece Nursery Set that comes with the Peyton Lifestyle Crib, 5 Drawer Dresser and Double Dresser. Yes I love the crib’s swooping rails and the beautiful moldings on every piece. I especially love that this crib has a lower front, so it’s easy to get a baby in and out of this beautiful bed. The White finish allows this gorgeous furniture set to fit in perfectly with any nursery! Don’t you want it in yours?

Bonavita Sheffield Collection

Bonavita Sheffield Nursery Furniture CollectionWhen I look at the Sheflield Collection I just have to say, “Wow!” The bold designs, with large, detailed molding and incredibly elegant craftsmanship makes me tingle with excitement. This collection is one of the most charming in this bunch. Just look at the Bonavita Sheffield Lifestyle 3 Piece Nursery Set that comes with the Sheffield Lifestyle Crib, Double Dresser and 5 Drawer Dresser. I would bet a million bucks that there’s no one who thinks that this nursery furniture set isn’t one of the prettiest sets they’ve ever seen!

Which Bonavita Nursery Furniture Collection is your favorite?

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