Creating an eco-friendly nursery is not only a noble act towards Mother Nature, it is also the best preventative measure to avoid hazardous toxins that can harm your baby.  The scary part is, if you notice signs that your baby may be suffering from toxic poisoning, it is already too late, the damage is done.  Take a proactive approach and make your nursery a Green, Clean and Nursery Machine.

Buying eco-friendly items, especially nursery furniture, can be very expensive.  Mostly because there are organic procedures to ensure products are harvested from a sustainable environment, recyclable, and processed without chemicals or pesticides.  There are many ways, however, to keep your baby nursery green and clean without the expensive aftermath.  Here are some tips without adding to the tip jar:

  • Baby Furniture: DaVinci has high quality, affordable nursery furniture that has a non-toxic finish, and is lead and Phthalate safe.  You can also by baby furniture that is unfinished, and apply your own non-toxic, low VOC finish.
  • Paint with low or zero VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds are dangerous because they emit gases long after they have dried.  For just a few bucks more per gallon, get low or zero VOC paint to avoid toxic exposure to baby.
  • Green Cleaning Products: Although you may be disinfecting surfaces, cleaning products leave behind chemical residues that can be inhaled or ingested.  Use green cleaning products that are good enough to drink and clean!
  • Low-tech to No-tech Toys: Old-fashioned toys that are made from wood or organic fabrics are your best bet.  Electronic toys are hard to recycle, and plastic toys contain Bisphenol A (BPA), unless it is BPA-free.
  • Plants: The absolutely best air purifier that will last for years, if you maintain it well.  It is a natural filtration system that will absorb pollutants, harmful gases, balance indoor humidity and release pure oxygen.

When it comes to nursery items, just about any organic, recyclable products you buy are better for the environment.  Just don’t forget about the recycling part.  If you can get creative and reuse items for other purposes, you are already doing a great job turning your nursery into a Green Machine.

So give yourself a bunch of extra brownie points for good parenting.  Because going green in the nursery is healthier and safer for your new baby, great for the environment, and doesn’t have to be so spendy.


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