Due to the recent safety issues with drop-side cribs, the CPSC has issued a voluntary recall of all drop-side cribs that have been sold in the past 10 years. They are encouraging furniture companies who are involved in this recall to reach out to customers to inform them of the possible hazards of drop-sides and offer their customers a quick, easy and safe solution.

DaVinci is in full support of the CPSC’s decision and is in the process of creating safety kits for their drop-side cribs that will include CPSC-approved brackets to convert the drop-sides to static-sides. The free kit will also come with an instruction manual and safety reference material.

If you own a DaVinci drop-side crib and wish to receive one of these safety kits you can pre-register to receive a free kit at www.Themdbfamily.com or you can call (888) 673-6488. DaVinci safety kits will be available in 2 weeks.

Million Dollar Baby, parent company of DaVinci, has been making incredibly safe nursery furniture for 20 years and they’re dedicated to continuing to keep babies safe and making nurseries beautiful. Even before this CPSC announcement, DaVinci had already eliminated the drop-sides from their new crib designs and has begun making only static-side cribs to ensure that all of their cribs continue to meet all US safety standards.

For safety’s sake, DaVinci asks that you stop using your drop-side crib until you receive the safety kit.

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