Exercise gives big benefits to the Mother and Baby –  20 Reasons to move your booty!

#1 Reduces aches and pains – Exercise strengthens the back and abs which improves your posture. These muscles are key to carrying a big baby-filled belly comfortably.

#2 Increases circulation – Better circulation prevents constipation and leg cramps that are common during pregnancy. Better blood flow will help reduce leg swelling and the possibility of getting varicose veins.

#3 Boosts immune system – Research shows a lower incidence of colds, flus, sinusitis, and bronchitis in pregnant women who exercise.

#4 Lowers your gestational diabetes risk by 27% – Exercise will help keep blood sugar stable.

#5 Lowers joint wear and tear – Exercise will stabilize your joints and offset the effects of the pregnancy hormone, relaxin, which relaxes the ligaments that support the joints.

#6 Faster post-pregnancy recovery – Keeping a high level of fitness will help you get back to a regular exercise routine faster than non-exercising moms, hence staying fit, and keeping your weight in check.

#7 Reduces mood swings and stress – Boosting your serotonin and endorphins will make you feel happier during and after pregnancy.

#8 Reduces fatigue – Exercise gives pregnant woman an energy boost, reducing tiredness that pregnant women and new moms feel. Exercising pregnant women have more energy in general, can tolerate the stresses of pregnancy and have more energy to take care of the baby.

#9 Improves your sleep – Exercising pregnant women report better sleep. Try to work out in the morning or during the day because exercise too near to bedtime can contribute to insomnia.

#10 Reduces morning sickness – Nausea can make it tough to get moving, but many women report that they feel less queasy after a workout.

#11 Keeps weight in check – Mom’s who exercise throughout pregnancy gain an average 8 pounds less than their sedentary friends.

#12 Improves your body image – Being fit definitely helps a woman feel better about herself, especially when her big belly is making her feel a little less than sexy.

#13 Faster, easier delivery – Having a baby requires strength and stamina. What better way to prepare for this than being strong and fit? Studies have also shown that pregnant women who exercise need fewer painkillers. It is likely because their endorphins, which are natural painkillers, are higher.

#14 Become a better athlete – Women who train all the way through their pregnancies can increase their maximum aerobic capacity from 5 to 10 percent.

#15 Smaller babies to give birth to – Babies of exercising moms are less fat, but still as long and robust as larger babies born to moms who don’t exercise.

#16 Leaner children – leaner babies will be leaner all the way up to, at least, their 5th birthday.

#17 Stronger fetal cardiovascular system – Researchers from the Kansas City University of Medicine found that fetuses of mothers who exercise have stronger hearts, much like the exerciser herself does.

#18 Improves tolerance to the stress of delivery – Babies born to exercising moms have been shown to experience less stress at the time of delivery.

#19 Fewer infant issues – Newborns of exercising mothers are reported to have less colic, sleep through the night earlier, and are easier to care for in general.

#20 Faster growing placenta – It means your baby gets more nutrients and oxygen throughout pregnancy.

So there is no question that as long as your doctor agrees, get out and exercise everyday during your pregnancy and the benefits will be great for both you and your baby!

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