Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a skilled decorator to create a truly gorgeous and contemporary nursery for your baby. You just have to follow a few simple steps and voila…your baby will have the most chic nursery around. Below you’ll find 5 things you can do to create a mod nursery that stands out above all the rest.

1. Choose nursery furniture with clean lines and crisp or contrasting colors. Two toned furniture is also a good choice and is very modern and can create an interesting look in the nursery.

2. Add pops of color around the room, but don’t over do it with a combination of too many colors. If your furniture is white and espresso, then consider adding pops of red or purple around the room. Remember, modern means simple, yet interesting!

3. Multifunctional furnishings are all the rage in modern nursery design these days, so find baby furniture that can be used in several ways. Get a modern crib that converts to bigger beds. Get a changing table that can be used in later years as a dresser. Get a glider that’s ideal for late night feedings and TV watching.

4. Mobile is in! Get furnishings that can be easily moved. Get a crib with casters, a light weight changer, a glider that moves easily and dressers that can fit in different places around the room. A mobile room can change with the times, so you can keep your child’s room contemporary through every stage of life, simply by shifting things around to create a new bedroom look.

5. Forget themes! A room with a theme is definitely not contemporary. Modern is all about imagination, so get accessories that spark your child’s imagination and curiosity. Bedding and accessories with geometric patterns and contrasting light and dark colors are ideal for capturing your baby’s attention.

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