Believe it or not a mirror can provide great entertainment for a baby. It can also help a baby develop faster, but only if it’s put in the right place. Here are some great tips on getting the best use out of your SouthShore Spark Mirror, which is on sale right now for 10% Off along with other SouthShore Furniture pieces.

South Shore Spark Mirror

1. Put the mirror low on a wall in your baby’s play area. This allows your little cutie to roll over to the mirror and see himself. He will learn what he looks like and witness himself moving his hands, arms and all other body parts. This will help your baby develop motor skills at a faster rate, plus provide tons of entertainment!

2. Secure the mirror to the wall behind your changing station to keep your baby occupied during all diaper and clothes changes. This makes for a more fun and safe changing experience. The changer shown in #2 is the Storkcraft Heather Changing Table with Drawer in Black.

3. Fasten the mirror to the wall behind the crib. Having a mirror by your baby’s bed will encourage him to pull himself to standing to see his cute reflection. This will help your baby develop his arm and leg strength quicker than usual and keep him happy when he wakes because he can play peek-a-boo with himself. The crib shown in #3 is the DaVinci Emily Crib.

4. Place the mirror above your child’s dresser. This will let you have some fun with your child. You can hold your baby in front of the mirror and make funny faces to get him really smiling and giggling. The dresser in #4 is the SouthShore Cosmos Double Dresser which is also on sale for 10% off.

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