Selecting your baby furniture is the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to preparing the nursery.  It’s like driving a car with no engine or rowing a boat with no paddle.  As a new parent, you need functional baby furniture to help keep your new baby safe in the crib and proper storage options to hold the mountain of diapers, clothes, linens and accessories.  It’s a big step to take, but definitely a sound investment.

That’s why when I found out about this big nursery set promotion from Simply Baby Furniture, I just had to share the love with our readers.  It’s not every day where you can save hundreds of dollars on high-end baby furniture, from big names like Bonavita, Child Craft, Simmons Kids Furniture and Eden Baby.  Some of you might recognize the award-winning Bonavita Harper Lifestyle Nursery Set from our most recent MegaGiveaway.  If you were desperately hoping to win and didn’t, here’s your chance of redemption!

nursery set promo banner

And if the 6 Designer Sets don’t meet your taste or budget, here are more nursery set collections that are sure to turn your baby room into a masterpiece.

And if you are in need for some good, wholesome advice on nursery preparation, check out this fabulous infographic on How to Set Up Your Nursery.

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