Every child needs a safe baby bed for the first few years.  But just as important as it is to have one, it is also very short-lived.  It’s no surprise that babies grow super fast, and when that sad day comes when you will have to turn the nursery into a little kids room, you will also have to swap out the baby crib for a bigger bed.  Now if you purchased a convertible crib, then your work is already cut out for you.  But if you need to get rid of it or maybe you are one of the 10 million parents out there that need to do away with their old drop-side crib, here are some creative DIY ideas you can do to get some more miles out of that baby crib.

Because the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) prohibits manufacturers from making or selling drop-side cribs, it is also not a good idea to sell or give away your old one either.  It is such a shame to let it go to waste when you can turn the baby crib into something fantastic for your home.  Here are some ideas on what you can do:



Impress With a Desk

You can turn that old baby crib into a nice desk with plenty of organizational room beneath the top. Or how about a kids writing desk for all the arts, crafts and homework? Love, love, love!






A Bench In a Cinch

Turn the crib into a nice daybed and reuse the old crib mattress. If you know someone that has some good carpentry skills, why not turn it into a nice bench?




Organizers & More

Some of my absolute favorites: wall organizer, a nifty wagon, a magazine rack, and also an adorable chalkboard.




There are tons of other ideas you can use by simply separating the baby crib pieces. If you have some creative DIY ideas, PLEASE tell us. Our readers would love to know!

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