It’s a fact that your baby will spend more time in the crib than probably anywhere else during the first year of life, so it’s incredibly important that the crib is the safest place in your home. Since babies are so delicate, you really do need to be aware of the potential hazards in their sleep environment. Below is a list of safety tips that, if followed, will keep your precious angel safe during every nap and all night long.

Crib Inspection

1.Buy New not Used: We recommend that you get a new crib so that you’re sure the crib meets today’s safety standards and is sturdy enough for when your baby reaches the active stage.

2.Check out the Crib: Check that all the hardware is screwed tight and shake your crib to make sure it’s solid and sturdy.

3.Get a Mattress that Fits: It’s ideal to use the mattress that came with the crib, but if you need to buy one check measurements and make sure to get a mattress that fits tight between the rails.

4.Check Crib Slat Distance: Check to make sure crib slats are no farther apart than 2 3/8 inches.

5.Non-Toxic Crib Finish: Check that the stain or paint used on the crib is non-toxic.

General Crib Safety Tips

1.Baby Sleeps on his Back To avoid chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) it’s recommended to have your baby sleep on her back.

2.Avoid Bulky Bedding: Get rid of comforters, pillows, bumpers and stuffed animals, so that there’s no bulky bedding that could possibly pose a suffocation hazard in the crib. This is very important when your baby is younger.

3.Fitted Sheets: Make sure the crib sheets fit around the mattress snug and only pull the top sheet as high as your baby’s chest. You might want to consider getting footed nightwear or a wearable blanket if you want to keep your baby covered, but avoid suffocation hazards like blankets.

4.Crib Location: Keep the crib far away from drapery, blinds, window cords and window. Also keep it far from trinkets and hanging pictures, so your baby can’t pull items into the crib.

5.Toddler Bed Transition: Check the weight limit of your baby’s crib, so you know when it’s time to transition her to a toddler bed. If your baby is trying to climb out of the crib then that’s a sure sign a bigger bed is needed.

Look for the following features in a crib’s description to ensure that you’re getting the best baby bed possible: non-toxic finish, static or stationary rails, adjustable mattress support, meets US safety standards and most important, buy a crib from a trusted company and not from someone selling it on auction sites.

DaVinci cribs are an example of a brand of cribs from a trusted baby furniture company that will provide your little one with optimal safety and comfort. Their cribs are JPMA certified for safety and come with all of the features required for a safe baby bed. Their prices are quite reasonable and many of their cribs are convertible, so they transform to bigger beds in the future. Below is a picture of the Kalani Convertible Crib by DaVinci. This popular crib is a great choice for your little baby because it’s extra baby-safe, beautiful and affordable!

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