A baby stroller is one of those must-have items for all parents, but even though parents are using them every day many don’t know about the potential hazards. That’s why it’s important to know the safety tips.

Recently I was shocked when I saw the video on the news of a mother standing by train tracks waiting for a train with her baby up front in a stroller. Either the wind blew or someone bumped the stroller and suddenly it went flying onto the train track right as the train arrived. Miraculously, even though the train did hit the stroller the baby was ok.

Something as simple as locking the stroller wheels could have stopped this incident from occurring, but many parents take stroller safety for granted and don’t realize how easy their baby could roll into a dangerous situation.

That news story sparked me to want to write about stroller safety. Below are important things to remember when taking your baby out on the town in the baby stroller.

Baby Stroller Safety Tips to Remember

  • Always double check that the stroller side bars were locked into place during assembly.
  • Never let your baby sit in the stroller without the safety belt firmly latched. Put the safety belt on immediately when you place your baby in the stroller.
  • Check the stroller’s weight limit and don’t use it when your baby reaches or exceeds the maximum weight requirement.
  • Avoid hanging your purse or extra bags off the stroller handles because this could tip the stroller backwards, causing your baby to get injured.
  • Don’t let older children hang on for a ride or jump in the stroller if it’s a one seated stroller.
  • Always be aware of your baby’s stroller and NEVER stop the stroller behind a parked car.
  • Never face the stroller wheels down hill.
  • Always lock the stroller wheels when you stop pushing the stroller, even just for a few minutes to talk to a friend. You never know when a strong gust of wind is going to blow.
  • Last, but not least. Get a new baby stroller that you know meets today’s safety standards and is extra baby-safe.

Below is a beautiful baby stroller that meets all today’s safety standards and also offers a contemporary design for today’s hip parents. It’s the Stokke Xplory Complete in Red. It comes in many other colors, as well, and it also comes with lots of accessories for making strolling around town with your baby easy and convenient. You can also get the Stokke Xplory Sleeping Bag Warm in Red for extra baby comfort and look as stylish as well with the Stokke Xplory Changing Bag in Red over your shoulder.

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