The answer to that question is obviously, “Yes!” but coming in a close second could be your baby’s crib bedding, if you choose a baby bedding set from our new bedding section on

I took it upon myself to select some of my very favorites in the baby boy and baby girl categories and have posted fun pictures below. This bedding is so cute that when people enter your baby’s nursery and say….”Oh, how adorable!” you won’t be sure if they’re talking about your precious angel or the bedding that surrounds her.

If you spot a crib bedding set that you like, just click on the picture for details about its soft fabrics, gorgeous design and list of items offered in the set.

Don’t worry, if you do choose one of these bedding sets your baby will still be the cutest thing in the nursery because nothing is cuter than a baby!

Precious Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets




Adorable Baby Girl Crib Bedding Sets




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