MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, May 8, 2010 – The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is fully committed to safe sleep initiatives as demonstrated by the association taking the first step in children’s product safety, exemplified in 2009 when ASTM International began looking to revise the full size crib standard.

Together with manufacturers and related industry partners, JPMA took the reins to effectively eliminate drop side cribs and added a crib slat integrity test based on the European standard. Following this industry led effort, the CPSC then reached out to juvenile product industry partners to assist in accelerating more revisions to the voluntary standard for full size cribs and the manufacturers responded with overwhelming support and resources to meet the CPSC’s challenge. As a result, via the time tested ASTM International standards setting process, a revised crib standard was recently balloted whose provisions include addressing issues related to hardware failure, labeling and instructional issues, an improved mattress support test, and much more. To expedite the process, juvenile product industry partners provided the additional testing and the engineering expertise necessary to create the initial draft of the highest safety standard available anywhere in the world.

It is important to note the critical role that manufacturers have played in promulgating voluntary and mandatory safety standards and supporting safety regulations with a more comprehensive crib safety standard that will be used throughout the juvenile products industry.

JPMA is working with members to educate parents on creating a safe sleep environment. An example of this initiative is the JPMA dedication of Baby Safety Month in September to safe sleep practices. JPMA supports any efforts that foster a safe environment for our children and this industry stands ready to continue to provide technical and financial support to expedite new safety standards.

About the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association
The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association is a national trade organization of more than 250 companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico. JPMA exists to advance the interests, growth and well-being of North American prenatal to preschool product manufacturers, importers and distributors marketing under their own brands to consumers. It does so through advocacy, public relations, information sharing, product performance certification and business development assistance conducted with appreciation for the needs of parents, children and retailers. Each year, JPMA sponsors Baby Safety Month in September and in 2010 JPMA is
dedicating Baby Safety Month to safe sleep practices. JPMA initiated Baby Safety Month to educate parents and caregivers on the importance of the safe use and selection of juvenile products.

To find out more information about the JPMA Certification Program, the products certified and a complete listing of JPMA members, please visit . Follow JPMA on Twitter @JPMA or connect with JPMA via Facebook or visit to learn more about additional safety tips and other JPMA initiatives.

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