It looks like Kate Middleton’s exquisite tastes in European, Victorian style baby furniture has inspired Kim Kardashian’s new look for her nursery.  Sources say Kardashian and West are looking to spend $100,000 on the nursery.  The stylish, glamour celebrity is approximately 15 weeks along and is believed to be searching for the same antique designed baby furniture as the Duchess of Cambridge.  The same baby crib to be exact.  Both Kate and Kim have chosen an $8,000 baby crib by Petit Trésor for their nurseries.  A little web searching leads me to believe that the baby crib is from the Notte Fatata collection, an Italian furniture maker by Savio Firmino.  The thee-generation baby furniture designer uses ancient furniture techniques to make “antique quality pieces for the lords and queens of the world.”  Simply stunning!

For those of you who can’t afford to spend 3 times their nursery budget on one baby furniture item, may I suggest a baby crib that is much less expensive but still says, “You Mean The World to Me?”  How about the Kathy Ireland Princess Garden Lifestyle Crib in Sweet Cream by La Jobi?  This fabulous creation has a tall arch on the back rail with beautiful floral and eloquent curves that make the garden design a world-class work of art.  The crib has lovely, rounded spindles and is hand sanded to have a soft and luxurious look fit for a princess.

Most of us probably don’t have a budget to spend $642,000 on a solid gold, handmade Ginza Tanaka rocking horse like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, but we can certainly find baby furniture that still looks spectacular and reasonable.


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