More than 3000 vendors showcased the latest and becoming juvenile products in North America last month at the ABC Kids Expo 2014.  If you are not familiar with the ABC Kids Expo, it’s a labyrinth of the finest nursery furniture and styles, innovative baby products and anything else the Baby Gods deem worthy for the next year.  It is exclusively for manufacturers and retailers, so I was unfortunately unable to attend, however, my curiosity was not so forgiving and I was still dying to get the inside scoop on what’s hot in the baby world for next year.  Luckily, Nicole from Simply Baby Furniture attended the expo and I was able to get the low down with this phone interview:

Me: Hi Nicole, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to me about the ABC Kids Expo.

Nicole: No problem at all.

Me:  So what was your overall take on the direction of nursery furniture manufacturers?

Nicole:  Overall, the manufacturers are still plugging away developing new styles to add to their current brands.  A couple of big brands are adding new lines to their existing offerings to serve different markets.

New Graco-Distressed Grey-resized
New Graco Crib in Distressed Grey

Me:  Oh great, I can’t wait to see the new lines that are coming out next year.

Me: And what is the big nursery trend that is going to hit the market by storm?

Nicole:  Gray finishes on baby furniture is going to be all the rage next year.  Gray cribs and matching gray dressers, light, dark and wood grain finishes.  It is going to be a great new addition as it is very gender neutral and looks wonderful with white, pink, sage, and will add some coolness to the nursery.

Me:  Yes!  I loooove using grays in nursery design.  It gives a modern, neutral look that make other color accents really pop!

Me:  Did you visit the Million Dollar Baby exhibit?  They always have impressive displays.

Nicole:  Yes, they were featuring DaVinci, Million Dollar Baby, Babyletto, Ubabub and Nurseryworks.  They showed me new cribs for all of the lines, new gray finishes, and a new natural mattress, bedding and toddler furniture line under the Babyletto umbrella.  Oh and they are bringing back their classic Jenny Lind crib in blue lagoon and a new bright yellow that is sure to grace many shabby chic nurseries.

Me:  Oooo, the Jenny Lind crib has got to be one of my favorites!  I can’t wait to see the new lagoon color.

(left) Babyletto Lolly Crib with In Bloom Baby Bedding, (right) New DaVinci Crib in MDB exhibit
Spot on Square- modern nursery furniture
Spot on Square

Me:  Any up and coming manufacturers during your visit?

Nicole:  Well, we loved speaking to the nice folks at Spot on Square (, who in addition to their very cool Roh, Ulm, Oliv, Eicho and Hiya cribs, are adding a very cool new collection called the Alto, with interchangeable panels on the crib and dressers.  We think this collection is going to do very well.

Me:  I’ve heard of Spot on Square.  They have really cool looking modern nursery furniture lines and are also eco-friendly as well.

Me:  What other baby furniture exhibits looked like they were stealing the show?

Nicole:  I would say some more big brands that caught my eye were Storkcraft, Pali Design and Childcraft.

Storkcraft - Zutano Two-tone crib BB2
BB2 Two-tone crib by Storkcraft

Storkcraft had a big booth this year and were featuring some new collections under Ragazzi and Storkcraft.  They also have some new Storkcraft upholstered gliders coming soon that will be priced competitively.  There are some new Canwood bunk and loft beds for their kids furniture line and they are also sponsoring a pretty cool collaboration between notNeutral and Zutano to bring a couple of neat looking two-tone cribs called the BB2 and the Tivoli crib and changer.  They’re also creating some new furniture under the Lane Kids and Thomasville brands that will be interesting to see.

Me:  Wow, sounds like Storkcraft will definitely be a big trendsetter next year.

Me:  And you mentioned Pali Design and Childcraft?  What are they brewing up next year?

Nicole:  Pali Design ( still has a very impressive line and will come out with a new collection, the Bergamo in November 2013.  This is a nice, solid looking sleigh style collection that comes in white, earth brown and dark slate gray.  It is gorgeous and should do really well.

And Childcraft ( is creating a cool new crib named the Soho that is a full-size crib with a modern look and acrylic clear sides so you can see your baby from the sides.  They showed it in a natural/gray two tone.  The Soho comes with a whole new line of dressers that are very basic, but could to well.

(left) Bergamo Collection by Pali Designs, (right) Childcraft crib with clear acrylic sides (by Foundations)
(left) Bergamo Collection by Pali Designs, (right) Childcraft crib with clear acrylic sides (by Foundations)

Me:  That sounds AMAZING Nicole.  Thanks so much for giving us the nursery trending highlights from the ABC Kids Expo 2014.  It sounds like the newest trends are gravitating towards modern, neutral designs.  I can’t wait to see how nursery designers will showcase these new styles.  I think our Baby Café readers will have a good idea on what’s hot for latest nursery trends next year to create awesome looking nurseries.  Take care Nicole and talk soon!

Nicole: You too Chantal.  Bye!

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