Modern nursery design is popular with today’s parents, but the secret to really creating a modern appeal in your baby’s room is getting two-toned nursery furniture. The contrast of Ebony with White shouts “Modern!” in any baby’s room, plus you can accessorize with any other color to add the final touches. For a boy’s room throw in some baby blue baby bedding and artwork. For a girl’s nursery add some soft pink accessories. Ebony and white furniture is beautiful for either gender.

Another tip is to select baby furniture that will last through the infant and toddler years. This means getting a convertible crib that can be transformed to bigger beds, plus getting a changing table that you can later use as a contemporary dresser. Below is the perfect set that exemplifies a contemporary appeal along with long lasting qualities to create the ideal modern nursery. Can’t you just see your baby enjoying this two-toned baby furniture set all the way through baby years and toddlerhood.
The 2 piece nursery furniture set below includes the Sahara Crib & Delphi Changing Table in Ebony by Argington. Later convert the crib to a toddler bed to use throughout your child’s toddler years. The changing table can also be used as a beautiful dresser after the diaper years are over. Argington also offers many other beautiful furnishings that will help you create the most modern nursery on your block.

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