The JPMA is thrilled about the new ASTM baby bedding and crib bumper standards that were announced recently. The only downfall is that these are voluntary standards and not mandatory, but the JPMA plans to support these standards and hopes that the CPSC can get them changed to mandatory in the future. They will back any efforts by the CPSC to get these rules instated as a must-do process for baby bedding and crib bumper manufacturing.

Here’s the Run Down on the New Baby Bedding and Crib Bumper Voluntary Standards.

New Arrivals Baby Bedding1. Manufacturers will be provided with voluntary guidelines that outline the best practices for creating uniform crib bumpers that are designed with a safer, less pillow-like design.

2. Crib Bedding companies will also be given voluntary suggestions on making crib bedding safer as well.

3. Crib bumper makers are also encouraged to enhance the warning labels on their crib bumpers to warn new parents of the dangers that crib bumpers can pose.

We are also happy about these voluntary safety standards for baby bedding and crib bumpers, but want everyone to know that the bedding and bumpers we sell do meet these guidelines already. We’d like to see these standards become mandatory too.

As you know a baby spends most of his/her time in the crib napping or sleeping through the night, so it’s important that the crib bedding is made to the best safety requirements possible. To find out more about crib safety visit us at


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