Today’s parents are being smart! They’re choosing baby furniture for the nursery that will last into their child’s adulthood. These pieces include items such as: Convertible Cribs (transform from crib to many other bed sizes), Changing Tables that have removable changing pads, Armoires that hold all your child’s things and they’re painting neutral colors on the walls. Once the long lasting furniture is in place then you can change the accent pieces to suit your growing child’s interests.

The set below is long lasting nursery furniture that can transform from baby furniture to a set that teen’s will love. Also, below the image are detailed instructions on how to add accessories through your child’s baby, tween and teen years to create a new room design with the same furniture pieces. The furniture below includes: The Da Vinci Kalani Convertible Crib and the Da Vinci Kalani Combination Changer / Dresser in Ebony.

Nursery Design
If you decide to have your daughter’s nursery designed for a princess then choose a pretty pink crib bedding set, some princess pictures and a pink accent rug to go along with your sturdy, long term furniture. You might even want to hang a chandelier to make the room design fit for Royalty.

Toddler Bedroom Design
When your precious princess turns into a kitten loving toddler, simply change out the princess pieces for kitten design accents. Throw a kitten blanket on the bed. Add some kitty pillows around the room and some kitten posters for extra cuteness. Then transform the crib to a toddler bed with safety rails. Remove the changing pad from the dresser top since she’s now out of the diaper stage and voila…you have the perfect toddler room while still using the same furnishings.

Tween Room Design
If your tween starts to follow the latest “boy band” then you might consider retiring the kitten theme and hanging some fun music posters around the room and replacing the kitten bed sheets for a set she chooses. Then convert the toddler bed into a daybed by removing the safety rails. Once again, your child has a room that fits her personality and you haven’t spent a dime on new furniture.

Teen Room Design
When your child reaches the teen years she’ll most likely “demand” to have some input on her bedroom design. She’ll want to choose bedding that has her favorite colors. She’ll be eager to get posters that represent her favorite movies and actors. She might even have some pictures of her own she wants to hang on the walls. Let your teen guide her room design, but you can still use the same furniture in the room. Just convert the daybed to a twin size bed, place some pretty accents on the dresser that was first a changer and your child will once again have a room that is just right for her. At this stage your child would have gone through the baby, toddler, tween and is now into the teen years and no more furniture was bought along the way. You can’t beat that!

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  1. Thank you for putting this together! I have been struggling with so many questions about convertible cribs and what a 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 means and what all these ‘combo’ items are and you really helped me understand what it all means. Thank you soooo much.

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