It’s that time of year again…Break out the school supplies, lunch boxes, new clothes and shoes.  It’s Back to School time and everyone is scrambling to get their little ones prepared for another year of institutional learning, tetherball and skinned knees.  Do you remember your first day of school?  Let me guess.  You had butterflies in your stomach, wondering which friends will be in your class and who you’re going to sit next to.  Ahhh, those were the days.  When life was so much simpler!

Boy, the Back to School vibe has inspired Baby Café to create an ABC Nursery that is the perfect environment for  your baby genius to thrive in.  “What’s the point?”  Do you ask?  “Your baby is too young to remember anything, let alone learn the ABCs.”  WRONG!  Experts like Ask Dr. Sears say that stimulating your little munchikin’s 5 senses will strengthen his/her cognitive development and impact baby’s learning capacity by leaps and bounds!  Creating a sensory-rich environment for your nursery is key and just goes to show that it is never too early to prepare your little one so he/she can have a head start in life.

That being said, Baby Café is excited to pay tribute to Back to School week and create this fabulous baby room, to help inspire you to turn your nursery into a learning center.  From a style perspective, it looks like espresso and sage are all the rage this Fall!  And a little help from Dr. Seuss is a wonderful way to incorporate rhyme-time in fun, educational play.

Childcraft ABC Design Board

Need baby furniture?  There’s actually a great deal for this Child Craft Nursery Set.  Check it out!

1. 4- Drawer Chest | 2. ABC Mobile | 3. Child Craft Hawthorne Crib

4. Hamper | 5. Dressing Bureau | 6. Diaper Stacker | 7. ABC Baby Bedding Set

8. Maze Cube Toy | 9. Dr. Seuss Cat Chair | 10. Media Carousel

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