When your little one approaches the toddler years, reaching new heights brings new meaning.  Once junior discovers how fun and empowering it is to climb on who knows what, your parenting defense adventures have officially begun.  You will be chasing after your child like Indian Jones and the Last Crusade.  Realistically, it is nearly impossible to keep a close eye on every single thing your child does.  That is why if you have not childproofed your entire home, you need to do it now!

Fastening Large Baby Furniture

If you have large baby furniture in your nursery, like a dresser or bookcase, it is critical that you install wall anchor kits to prevent tipping accidents that can lead to serious injuries and even death.   For example, when dresser drawers are open, they can act as steps or stairs and throw off the weight of the dresser and in turn fall directly onto your child.

Recent unfortunate incidents have brought this Tip Over Hazard to the utmost urgency where a voluntary recall has been issued for the DaVinci Emily and Ryan 4-Drawer Dresser.  If you already own one of these models or any large baby furniture piece for that matter, you are strongly encouraged to install wall anchor kits, which are specially designed to avoid these disasters.  They are very inexpensive and super easy to install.

Wall Anchor Installation Steps

Necessary Tools: Power drill or Phillips screwdriver, studfinder, pencil, Wall Anchor Kit that comes with 2 brackets, screws and strap.

  1. Find Stud: With the studfinder, find a stud on the wall that is located at the height of your furnishing.
  2. Mark it: Use a pencil to mark the location of stud and on the back of your furnishing.
  3. Brackets: Carefully move furnishing away from the wall, and fasten a bracket directly under your pencil marking, using the provided screws.  Fasten the other bracket to your baby furniture piece at the pencil marking as well.
  4. Strap: Move furniture piece back to wall, leaving a small gap between brackets.  Thread strap, from wall anchor kit, through both brackets.  It’s okay to leave just a little slack when enclosing the strap.
  5. Tug Test: Give the strap a good tug to make sure it is securely fastened to the wall.

And voila!  Now that your wall anchor kit is properly installed, move your baby furniture piece back against the wall and push down any visible portion of the strap.  You can use wall anchor kits for any large furniture piece in the home and have a good comfort level that your child will be safe to play around large baby furniture.



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