There’s a horrible childhood infliction that’s sweeping through many households across the world and that’s… the dreaded “I’m soooooooo bored!” syndrome. If your child hasn’t gotten this common childhood gloom yet, I’m sure you know of someone’s child who has. Don’t worry, I can help!

The key to ceasing childhood boredom once and for all is to surround your youngster with things that spark the imagination and ignite creativity. This can be done from birth on, with careful nursery or toddler room design, as well as, playroom design.

For instance, my 5th grader has been encouraged to create games, write stories, paint, draw and create something out of nothing from baby years through elementary school.

I started to spark her fun side during babyhood, by designing her nursery with vivid colors, crib bedding with geometric patterns, entertaining crib mobile, educational baby toys and lots of playtime. As she grew, I surrounded her with other pretend play items like a kitchen set, tee pee tent, puppets, musical instruments, microphone, art easel and supplies and watched her blossom into a kid who could completely entertain herself. By creating an environment filled with items that encourage pretend play to spark imagination, my child’s imagination was sparked, therefore, she got the life skills to know how to make something out of nothing.

This said…here’s a little story my daughter just wrote the other day, when it was rainy and she didn’t feel like exerting too much energy…even then, she made something out of nothing and it’s really something! This is a story she wrote on her computer and emailed to friends and family. I thought it was so cute I just had to share.

If you want your child to avoid getting the “I’m so Bored” syndrome, then create an environment with color, shapes and plenty of pretend toys that will spark him or her to one day, also, create something out of nothing.

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