“OMG I’m having twins!” was probably your first thought when you discovered that you’re having two babies instead of one. Once you got over the shock you probably began thinking about all the things you’ll need for your new babies and went back into shock when you realized just how many things that is!

Well, take a deep breath. You’re about to find out how to design a nursery for twins the easy way. I’ve put together a step-by-step list of the items you’ll need in the nursery and the best options for one nursery for two babies. Set up the nursery with the goal of making every-day routines like naptime, diaper changes, dressing, late night feedings and bedtime easier since you’ll definitely have your hands full and schedule full with two precious babies.
Picture includes two DaVinci Emily Mini Cribs, DaVinci Kalani Combo Changer / Dresser, DaVinci Roxanne Bookcase and Storkcraft Bowback Hoop Glider and Ottoman.

Nap and Bedtime

Of course you’ll need a crib for each baby. The room size will determine your crib selection. You could choose two standard size cribs to stand side by side, two mini cribs to save space or even two connected round cribs specifically designed for twins, allowing them to sleep together the first six months then separating later for independent sleeping. Keep the cribs close together so you can access both babies at the same time easily.

Storage and Changing Table Combined

Combine great storage with a changing pad to add more value to the space instead of getting a simple changing table. Get a dresser, like the DaVinci Kalani Combo Changer Dresser that has a large enough top to fit a standard size changing pad with plenty of drawers and cabinet space below for storing baby clothes and accessories. Keep pacifiers in the top drawer so they’re readily available when needed to calm your babies at nap and bedtime. Hang a diaper stacker off the crib rail to keep diapers easily accessible, leaving drawers available for storing other baby items. Place the dresser near the cribs so that when you’re changing one baby the other baby can be placed close by. Also consider placing a bouncer in the room to keep the other twin occupied when changing his twin’s clothes.

Extra Storage

Get a large bookcase for extra storage. Either put the bookcase against the wall or in the closet and place baskets or bins on the shelves for storing your baby’s important accessories. A bookcase offers plenty of shelves that will prove to be very useful.

Seating for Late Night Feedings

You’ll also want to get a glider and ottoman with plush cushions and wide, comfy armrests that give you enough room for cuddling both babies at the same time. This is ideal for late night feedings. Coddle one baby while the other is in the crib or bouncer, then switch, and finish by snuggling with both babies on the same cozy chair.

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