After 30 hours of hard core labor and a 5:00am C-Section, I was a first-time mom of a precious 9.5lb daughter and was so ecstatic to finally meet her in person. I enjoyed motherhood right from the start and like many moms I loved that adorable baby smell. I thought this mother thing would be a breeze and had heard about the baby blues, but I had the baby “Woo Hoos!” and felt happy and blissful all the time.

Then on the third week of motherhood we packed for NJ which ended up being a 10 hour car ride with a newborn. It wasn’t too bad because she mostly slept and ate and I did the same as my husband drove.

When we got to NJ, it was time to haul the obnoxious amount of baby gear we brought with us into the beach house. I was responsible for setting up the brand new Portable Crib. I took it in the bedroom and read the instructions. I grabbed the Portable Crib rails and pushed and tugged and tugged and pushed, but with all my hard effort the rails kept bending back into a folded position. I took a deep breath and tried again and again, but no luck, when all of a sudden the flood gates opened and I was sobbing like a baby in a heap on the floor. With the thoughts…”I’m a terrible mother! I can’t even set up my baby’s crib!” going through my mind.


Now I’m not usually a crier, so this surprised me as much as it did my husband. He put his arm around me to console me and said…”I was kind of counting on you to be the Rock in this Parenting Thing!” and that definitely made me chuckle a bit, but when he got up and took charge and grabbed a hold of the portable crib rails and gave his all, but the crib was still mangled in its original form, he and I were suddenly in hysterics and my postpartum moment had passed.

It finally took his brother’s girlfriend, a mom of two, to come in, grab the portable crib, heave it in the air with a big snap and slam it on the ground. It took her about 3 seconds to get the crib standing strong and ready for my baby.

The lessons learned from all this were:

    1.) Being a new mom will present you with many new challenges.
    2.) Never be afraid to ask for help, even with the things that seem like they should be simple.
    3.) When you have the postpartum blues, remember to try and laugh at your husband’s silly jokes…it really does help!
    4.) Portable cribs are so wonderful when you finally get the hang of it! Our newborn slept great all vacation and we proceeded to take that portable crib everywhere we went after that.
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