The main brunt of your nursery budget should be spent on your baby’s crib. That’s where your baby will spend most of his or her time so you want to make sure the crib is safe and comfortable. Once you’ve gotten the crib then you can design around it with cheaper colorful nursery accessories to create a gorgeous décor without breaking the bank.

One way to save some of your hard earned cash is to check out the nursery accessories that are on clearance. By doing this you’re sure to find some less expensive, yet fabulous looking items to create a beautiful baby environment. Another way is to use items from your crib bedding set to accessorize around the room. Many sets come with thick baby blankets, pillows and other items that your tiny infant can’t yet have in the crib. Don’t hide these items away in the closet. Spread them around the room to add color and design without having to buy extra accessories. Throw the pillow on your glider, hang the blanket on the wall as decorative wall art and use any other extra items where the room needs more color. By shopping smart and thinking out of the box, you can create a stunning nursery at half the cost.

Below is a beautiful crib bedding set that would work wonderfully as added accessories around the room. It’s the Green Frog Art Barcelona Crib Bedding 5 Piece Set.

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