New moms beware…here are six mistakes that even great moms can make. Follow these tips and your baby will be extra healthy and safe!

1. Don’t Share a Bed with Baby

There’s lots of time throughout the day when you and your baby can bond, but bedtime isn’t the right time. For your baby’s safety you should always make sure he/she sleeps in a crib or bassinet. If you really can’t stand having your baby in another room, consider getting a co-sleeper that allows your baby to sleep by your bedside. This way there’s no way you can roll over on your baby in the middle of the night!

2. Never Give Baby a Bottle in the Crib

If your baby has a bottle in the crib at night with juice or milk, that’s a sure way to guarantee cavities in the future. Believe it or not, if a child sips milk or juice throughout the night the cavity-causing bacteria in his/her little mouth can transform sugars into tooth-decaying acid.

3. Never Buy Second Hand Baby Furniture or Toys with Multiple Parts

You never know if used baby furniture or toys have been recalled or if they’ve been so overused that there are faulty parts that could cause harm to your cutie pie. This is why it’s a smart idea to always go with new baby items that meet today’s safety standards.

4. Don’t Put your Baby in the Shopping Cart Basket

Babies aren’t very balanced and it’s a known fact that thousands of children go to the emergency room every year because of falling out of shopping carts. If you have to shop with your child then look for a shopping cart that has a low seat with safety strap or carry your baby in one of those baby carriers that’s like a back pack.

5. Never Leave Your Child Alone in the Car

Believe it or not a car can heat up to high temps in just 10 minutes and this can be dangerous and sometimes deadly to a child. This is why you should never leave a baby in the car for any reason.

baby in bath tub6. Don’t Leave Your Baby’s Side While He/She’s in the Bath

Unfortunately a baby can drown in a very small amount of water, so it’s important to always be in arm’s reach of your baby or toddler when he/she is bathing. You should also baby proof the bathtub, so your child can’t slip and fall, helping to avoid all possibilities of injury.

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