Product: Parker Convertible Crib by DaVinci

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High Quality, Beautiful Design and Color, Great Price, Sturdy and Safe with No Drop Side, Low Front Rail is Great for Picking Up Baby, Extra Storage Drawer.


Uncovered Hardware, Soft Wood can Scratch.

Detailed Review

Pros about the Parker Convertible Crib by DaVinci

Looks like DaVinci has done it again by making another crib parents really love. One comment that was repeated by many Parker crib owners was how impressed they are with the crib’s overall beauty. Many said that it looks much more expensive than it actually costs, which is something all buyers hope for. Parents also raved about the crib’s beautiful design and color and even talked about the lovely look of the actual wood of the crib frame. The fact that the front rail slopes down was another winning point for the Parker Crib. The lower rail design makes it easier for moms to get baby in and out of the crib. This crib’s sturdiness was another plus, along with the fact that it can convert to bigger beds in the future. Parents also really appreciate the fact that it comes with an under-the-crib trundle drawer that slides easily on casters adding extra storage space to the nursery. There were so many compliments that parents gave this crib that it’s hard to narrow them all down into such a short review. Overall this DaVinci Parker Convertible Crib was a big hit in most nurseries.

Cons about the Parker Convertible Crib by DaVinci

There were only a few down sides to the Parker Crib, but each negative was mentioned along with many positives. A few parents wished that the crib’s hardware was covered with plugs so you couldn’t see the screws, but DaVinci keeps these unplugged for safety purposes. A few Parker owners also mentioned that their baby had managed to make some scratches on the crib rail or sides, but when choosing wood furniture this is bound to happen. So, as you can see, positives definitely outweigh the negatives for this popular DaVinci Parker Convertible Crib.

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