Product: Alpha Mini Crib by DaVinci

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Fits great in a small space, Beautiful Design, Great Quality.


Low crib makes picking up baby tough, Thin Mattress.

Detailed Review

Pros about the Alpha Mini Crib by DaVinci

It’s a fact that mini cribs are designed to save space, but the good thing about the Alpha Mini Crib is that reviewers mentioned that the crib did its job, while also adding beauty to the room. Many commented on the gorgeous design and loved the color options. A few even purchased two minis for their twins, which worked out great in the space. Even though this crib is smaller in size, several owners raved about the crib’s quality, so it seems that this crib is as sturdy and comfortable as a standard size crib, but wonderful in smaller spaces or in a nursery where you want to free up floor space. If looking for a mini crib, this one seems to have all the qualities to make it a winner for any nursery.

Cons about the Alpha Mini Crib by DaVinci

Only a few people had any gripes about this beautiful, smaller size crib. Because this crib is slightly lower to the ground, a few commented that they had to bend further down than they’d like to pick up their baby. A few others stated that the original mattress was a bit thin, so they opted to purchase another mattress for the crib. All in all, both of the complaints were personal issues that are circumstantial in nature, but not really related to the crib’s overall design, quality or stability.

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