When you see the plus sign on that stick it’s the greatest feeling in the world. When you make your announcement, friends will give you hugs and tell you all their stories about their pregnancies and you’ll start to plan your baby’s nursery. You’ll also dream about what your baby will look like and touch your belly more times in 9 months than you’ve ever touched it in your life. Pregnancy truly is a magical time…but there’s a dark side to this fairy tale that no one tells you about.

As your belly starts to grow, hormones start to kick in and things begin to change. If you’re lucky, you’ll hardly notice, but sometimes hormones can wreak havoc on an expecting mom in the form of acne, mood swings, morning sickness and the all day fog! If hormones don’t get you your newly expanding body may cause some issues like hemorrhoids, constipation, engorged breasts and swollen feet. Now, I’m not telling you this to bring you down. I actually want to help. Below is a list of each bad and ugly thing you could get and ways to get rid of it, so you can have that fairytale pregnancy after all!
cures for common pregnancy issues

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