floral baby bedding by hoohobbersFirst, I have to say that I’m biased when it comes to floral baby bedding and pretty much any type of floral pattern and if you saw my house you’d know that’s true! I love to surround myself with all kinds of flowers, so of course I think baby girls should be surrounded in flowers too.

But I’m not writing about floral baby bedding just because I LOVE it, I’m writing about it because it actually has proven value that it adds to a baby’s nursery. I thought I’d share the five top benefits of adding flower patterns in the crib and then you can decide for yourself if this type of baby bedding is right for your little cutie pie.

1. Flower Patterns Come in All Styles to Create Every Style Baby Space: Basically, floral baby bedding can create any type of style nursery you want, which makes it a wonderful choice for a baby girl’s room. If you’re a more modern kind of woman then you’ll want to get a baby bedding print that has very large flowers all throughout. If you’re more vintage then it’s smart to choose a crib bedding set with mini florals all over. For a more traditional look get medium size flowers on your baby bedding set.

2. Florals Can Be Quite Eclectic: To create an eclectic floral vibe, think about combining a floral crib bedding set with block type furniture and other flower accessories in the same colors, but not the exact same pattern. This will make florals more cool rather than granny-like! Basically, florals are really the only pattern that creates the perfect eclectic looking space.

3. Florals are Great in Small or Big Doses: If you like florals like me, but don’t want to get a flower patterned crib bedding set, consider just getting floral accessories to add around the room. They can provide the perfect touch of feminine beauty to a baby space without being in the crib. Colorful flowers around the room will also capture a baby’s attention making the space that much more exciting and stimulating.

4. Flowers Add Wonderful Energy to a Room: Think about how you feel when you see a beautiful bouquet of flowers or walk by a gorgeous bunch of flowers out in nature…you feel happy and alive. Well guess what type of vibe they add to a baby’s nursery? To create a lively baby space consider pairing together multiple floral prints in matching background colors. For instance, you could get a baby bedding set with large flowers and a white background, then choose floral patterned pillows for the glider in the same white background but with different flowers and the nursery will come to life with a spring like vibe. Flowers in nature aren’t all the same, so they don’t have to be the same in a room either to make a beautiful statement.

5. Girls Never Get Sick of Flowers: The last wonderful thing about floral baby bedding is that girls never tire of looking at beautiful flowers, so a flower patterned crib bedding set can easily go from crib to toddler bed to last way beyond the baby years, and floral accessories can be kept in your daughter’s room forever.

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