Everyone at Baby Café is so excited for the Carpenter Family!  They are thrilled to announce that they will be having an adorable Baby Boy, and what better way to welcome your little angel with a brand, spankin’ new nursery, furnished by Bonavita!  You little guy will be living the life in his award-winning Harper Lifestyle Convertible Crib, with plenty of room for gifts and necessities with the amazing Double Dresser and 5-Drawer Dresser.  Read what Joanne shared with us:

“Our family is happily expecting a little boy in November.  This will be our third boy, and we are absolutely thrilled!  We experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage about 2 years ago, and we have been anxiously anticipating this little angel.  My 11-year-old and 5-year-old cannot go to bed at night without first saying goodnight to my tummy. :)

With this being my third baby, I really haven’t gotten into the nursery planning yet.  Now that the decision for what furniture to buy has been made (thank you!), we’ll be getting that ball rolling.  I’m sure it will be something simple, though.  I will definitely share a picture once we get everything all set up.”

Thank you Joanne for sharing with our readers your wonderful news.  Our hearts go out to your family’s challenges within the last years, but what a wonderful blessing it is to have this precious new addition to the Carpenter family.  Congrats again on the exciting news and feel free to contact us if you need some nursery inspiration.  Best of luck and keep us posted!


Best Wishes,

The Baby Café Team



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