We are so excited to introduce a fabulous group of Design Experts that are aesthetically talented as they are beautiful! Get ideas, advice, and inspiration on how to turn your nursery into a work of art. Our gals are not only speaking to you as nursery stylists, they are also mothers, career goddesses and dynamic dames, just like you and me. And most of all, our Design Experts will share with you budget-conscious and exceptionally creative DIY ideas to spruce up the nursery and make it a fashion paradise.

Our Design Experts



Elisa, from Fancy Free Me, is a former career woman and now proud, full-time mommy to an adorable baby girl.  Her unique and exquisite styles consist of strategically mixing modern and/or traditional patterns, with bold colors on a neutral palette.  Her distinguishing tastes give her nursery designs a true splash of flavor, beautiful balance and an appealing mood from a Minimalist perspective.  Congratulations on your darling baby girl!



Tiffany, from Tiffany Leigh Interior Design, is our doll-face style expert from Ontario, Canada.  Some of her likes include: classic literature, DIY projects, coffee table books and Audrey Hepburn.  As an honorable student in Academics, she has devoted her schooling to obtaining a Bachelor’s in Interior Design.  She applies her conceptual design knowledge and amazing tastes to create fabulous interior vignettes of European influenced designs.



Beth, from Design Post Daily, is our ‘Charlotte Sweetheart’ where interior design has been her life’s calling ever since she was little girl.  She somehow balances her career, motherhood and passion for home decorating in her blog which features an array of DIY and Traditional Made Moderns ideas that make her designs truly unique.  Her nursery project has been featured in Apartment Therapy and Inspired Nursery.



Heather, from Vivid Hue Home, has always been fascinated by home design and decor and dreams of opening up her own storefront one day. She is a mommy to two little ones ages five and six (a girl and boy). Heather’s philosophy is to have fun with design. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and styles. Use color. Mix antique with modern; flea market with new. Your home should convey your personal style. Her home has been showcased on House of Turquoise and DIY projects have been featured on iVillage.com

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