Forget themes! Why not surround your baby with many interesting colors and accessories that blend together in a fun way, instead of choosing a theme and only going with items that match one particular premise.

A great way to start creating an eclectic nursery is to decide on your wall color or colors. How about using two colors and alternating colors on each wall. Or, use one color on 3 walls and a wild color on one focus wall to really make a statement.

Then find items that go with those colors. Each item can be its own style. Remember, we’re avoiding any type of theme. Miscellaneous is our goal. Accessories are supposed to add spunk and fun to a room so pick anything you love. Put them all together and voila…you have an eclectic nursery with many exciting accessories and colors that are sure to stimulate your baby’s senses.

Below is an example of mixing and matching styles and colors of baby furniture and accessories, made by different brands, to create an eclectic nursery look. All of these furnishings can be found on
The above nursery furnishings include: Nurseryworks Studio Crib, Loom Chair by Nurseryworks, Goodnight Ottoman by Nurseryworks, Lite Source Polished Steel Taction Table Lamp and Room Magic Little Lizard Wardrobe.

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