The key to achieving a mismatched, eclectic theme in your nursery is to choose items that aren’t from the same set or collection, but work together in some way. It’s a lot easier than it may sound to pull off this look if you follow this simple tip.
Tip: Work within the same color scheme.

One of the easiest ways to make mismatched items work together is by sticking to the same color scheme. You could pick one color or a combination of a few colors to create a beautiful nursery theme. For furniture, choose the same finish from different collections. For bedding and other accessories, choose different items from the same color family.

Here is a baby bedding example: Pair this Sweet Potato Josie vintage floral bedding set Sweet Potatoe Josie Vintage Floral Crib Bedding DwellStudio Paper Doll Crib Bedding Setwith pieces from the ultra modern Paper Doll bedding by DwellStudio Because both pieces use the same colors (beige and light pink) this mismatched look works, especially since the other colors in each set with their soft tones compliment each other nicely.

Here is a baby furniture example: Pair the exquisite, black designer Young America All Seasons crib Young America All Seasons Crib Black and Green Chenille Storkcraft Glider with the comfort-first look of the Black and Green Chenille Storkcraft Glider. SouthShore Cosmos Double Dresser To really enhance the eclectic theme add in a touch of modern flair with a dresser like the SouthShore Cosmos Double Dresser in Charcoal and Black Onyx.

As you can see, it’s simple to create a pulled-together, mismatched and eclectic nursery theme by following this simple tip. You will have lots of different bedding choices, accessories and furniture to choose from in crafting a look that’s as individual as your child.

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