Room Magic baby and kids furniture definitely lives up to its name. The designer, Karen Andrea really knows what kids and parents need and has added a magical touch to her furniture line. She understands that kids need to be surrounded in color and whimsy to enhance their imaginations and help them grow to be forward thinkers. She also knows that parents want to buy a set of furniture once and know that it will last throughout their child’s various stages of life.

These furnishings are all of that and more. They’re designed with lots of beautiful colors and images that are sure to excite any child. They’re also built of solid birch to last for years. They are reversible, so when a child gets older and wants more “grown up” looking furniture the parents can simply pull the dresser drawers out and turn them around and voila…they’ll have a neutral colored dresser with the option to choose their own dresser knobs that fit their “older” design tastes.

Hear from the designer herself and see how these furnishings can bring magic into your baby’s nursery that will last a lifetime.

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