Let’s be honest ladies, our bodies and how we feel about ourselves are the main reason the deed succeeds! It’s hard to bring out the sexy vixen in you when you have a baby bump that’s a constant reminder that you will soon be (or already are) as big as a house. The added hormones, morning sickness and tiredness are all reasons to tell your partner, “I’m not in the mood.” But how many times have we heard that one? Even if your partner is compassionate enough to tell you that you still turn him on, we women need to find other ways to make us feel like a Hot Momma again. It’s important for preggo moms to feel desirable, that she is not just ’the baby vessel’, but still the lush lady she was before pregnancy.

Don’t Put a “Pass” in Passion

And let’s not forget about spicing up relations with your partner. Preparing to be new parents is an empowering experience, but also stressful, and stress usually doesn’t lead to regular hanky panky. It’s important for you and your spouse to keep the sexual relationship exciting and new, but you can’t wait for the “perfect time.” It’s easy to pass on intimacy when you’re tired and dealing with life responsibilities. You can’t wait around for the perfect moment because you may never find one at all. Take advantage of any opportunities where you and your partner can have some valuable alone time and work on keeping the flame alive.

Get Creative

Whether you are pregnant or not, finding new ways to boost sexual intimacy is important for you and your partner to reconnect. Doing the same things over and over again gets boring. Your hormones may be turning you into an emotional pile of mush, making you feel even more unattractive. Step away from the same routine and introduce creative ideas that will make you and your partner excited and coming back for more. Here are some yummy suggestions:

#1 Role Playing: A fun and exciting way to fulfill you and your partner’s fantasies. Talk it over beforehand and set the stage for a night of seductive acting.
#2 Sexy Lingerie: You can buy a hot number that covers your belly and accentuates other features.
#3 Aphrodisiacs w/ Dinner: Try some tasty or fragrant aphrodisiacs for dinner to help set the mood. Suggestions that are safe for pregnant women are chocolate, asparagus, almonds, avocados, figs, bananas, and the smell of vanilla and basil.
#4 Couples Adult Games: Play a game of chance and you are sure to get lucky! Some fun adult games are Sexy Dice and XXXopoly. Whatever the games lands on, you must comply!
#5 Boudoir Photo Shoot: Becoming more popular, you get to dress up in sexy lingerie, get a professional make-up artist and sometimes hair stylist, strike a pose and get several seductive photos for your hubby to fantasize about.

And if all of these are not ‘you’, go ahead and find any time you have and make time for some alone time with your husband. Even though you may not feel like it right now, you will feel better after (we promise). So try your best and gooood luck.

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